BestMassage EC 161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

Zero gravity massage chairs are a viable option for those who want to relax stiff muscles, relieve aching joints, improve circulation.

Experience the comfort of massage without the hassle of booking and attending therapy sessions. Massage chairs can offer the same benefits at any time of day, in your own home.

This article will take an in-depth look at the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage. We’ll take a look at what users have to say about it.

The positive and negative aspects of this massage chair will be explained. Finally, our recommendation will detail who will be most likely to enjoy and experience the greatest benefit with this product.


BestMassage EC 161 Features

The BM-EC161 is a multifunction massage chair that brings all the benefits of shiatsu massage into your own home.

BestMassage EC 161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
BestMassage EC 161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
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This chair offers massage from the neck to feet, with rollers to imitate kneading and air bags to mimic the feel of human hands. It sells for a fairly low price relative to other high-end massage chairs but performs just as well as many more expensive machines.

There are many features to be enjoyed with this chair. A handful of which truly create a unique and pleasurable experience for the user: the long massage track, zero gravity setting, heated waist area, pre-programmed settings, and OPTO sensor.

L- Track

The longer, L-shaped track allows the rollers to massage from the neck to thigh, covering a wide swath of muscle groups and joints.

In fact, this chair massages up to 60% more of your body than typical massage chairs, so it ensures a well-rounded massage. Padded air bags massage the lower leg, while rollers knead the feet.

The long track, however, sets this chair apart from its competitors and provides a better massage for the whole body. It is an excellent way to relieve stress all through the spine and lower back. Rollers are firm and deliver a deep, satisfying massage.

Zero Gravity Setting

This unit comes equipped with a zero gravity setting, which involves a full recline and provides a mild stretch of the legs to fully relax the body.

It is beneficial for opening up the lungs and allowing easier breathing, as well as relieving pressure on joints like the hips.

When the body’s weight is well balanced, as it is in this setting, the rollers are able to work most efficiently at relieving muscle soreness.

Heated Area

Enhancing comfort during a massage is the heat around the waist. When the heat is turned on, back aches and pains can be better relieved while the rollers do their work.

It is therapeutic, relaxing, and helps you get the most out of the massage.

Programmed Settings

For convenience, there are four pre-installed settings: relax, extend, recover, and refresh.User-friendly settings work together with the zero gravity and heat.

An excellent massage at the touch of a button. Most users find these settings more than enough to meet their rehabilitation and relaxation needs.

The rollers can be manually placed wherever a user desires. The user may also select the type of massage they want most (such as kneading or throbbing).

While the remote may have an underwhelming amount of settings, the balance between pre-installed and manual settings is versatile enough to suit most people.

OPTO Sensor

The electro-optical sensor finds your shoulder position and optimizes the massage for your body type.It does this by creating an acurate map for the rollers to follow. This is a remarkable and very convenient technology, which gives the massage chair more of a personal touch.

This is a remarkable and very convenient technology, which gives the massage chair more of a personal touch.

Additional Features

Other features include a remote control which makes it easy to select settings, although it may lack the sheer number of options of the higher end products.

Another feature is the comfortable faux-leather material. The material and padding of the chair add to the comfort, which makes using this chair pleasurable even when a massage is not needed. However, this material is known to wear over time and can be difficult to clean if stained


The width of the chair (from armrest to arm rest) is just over 30 inches, while the height is 41 inches. This is a sturdy, durable chair, designed to maximize the massaged surface area for its users.

It is quite heavy at approximately 250 lbs without packaging. Make sure to have a few friends help bring this item inside when it is delivered!

This chair is moderately bulky and will take up a significant amount of room. The long roller track is 49 inches alone, and in zero gravity mode, the chair reclines to put the user almost completely horizontal.

As such, if buyers intend to enjoy the benefits of zero gravity, they need to leave enough room for a full recline.

BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
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Is this Chair Difficult to Assemble?

With large items like massage chairs, buyers may worry about a long and complicated assembly process. Luckily, this chair is remarkably simple to assemble. A user manual is included and it should take no more than 10-15 minutes.

The chair comes in two pieces because the foot rest is separate from the chair. Clips are included to attach the foot rest.There are even backup clips in case the provided ones become damaged or lost.

Simply tighten a few nuts, and the chair is fully functional. It is surprisingly simple and fast.

What do the Reviews say about the BestMassage Chair?

Users on sites like Amazon and eBay have almost universally given this chair sterling

. The vast majority of ratings are 5 stars, with reviewers stating their utmost satisfaction with the product.

Users found the chair comfortable, effective, and more than worth the money.As with any product, some individuals found fault with this chair.

Even reviews which contained complaints (which will be noted further down) generally express overall happiness with the product. This speaks to the overall quality of the chair, with enough features to please just about every user.

The Positive

Users are particularly happy with the many features of the chair. It is a versatile product which can appeal to many different body types and levels of stiffness or ache.

The zero gravity setting is highly appealing and lives up to its promise as a relaxing experience. The full-length roller is loved for the sheer number of muscles which are able to be targeted.

This includes muscles with are often neglected like the glutes. Users also appreciated the balance between pre-programmed settings and manual controls, which make using the chair quick and easy to use after assembly.

The most beloved feature may be the OPTO sensor. Users get the most benefit from massages conforming to their body types, and this sensor does just that.

Reviewers also praised the durability and quality of the chair, especially considering its price range. This is particularly important for massage chairs, as they are a significant investment even at a lower price range.

Experienced users have compared the quality of this product to others for twice the cost, making this product an excellent choice for those who wish the get the most bang for their buck.

The Negative

As stated above, there were some drawbacks highlighted in user reviews. Some taller individuals have expressed difficulty getting the full benefit of the air bag massage on the lower legs when fully extended in the zero-gravity setting.

This is because when reclined, taller people may have to bend their knees to fit properly, exposing parts of the leg that would otherwise be massaged. Individuals much taller than six feet may experience this issue.

Further, a slight functional problem was noted with the leg rest. This part of the chair only extends in when reclining the chair.

Some users have expressed the desire to be able to have more control over the leg rest and control its height independent of recline.

The most serious complaint is that some people find the rollers to be overly firm. Even when on a lower setting, some individuals even complained of pain when being massaged.

This can be a significant issue for anyone who prefers a lighter massage. However, some people expressed delight with the firmness of the massage.

Ultimately, it comes down to individual preference for such high massage firmness, which is both loved and hated.

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What is the Price of the BestMassage Zero Gravity Chair?

This chair retails for approximately $1000, and will often be sold in the $800-900 range on sites like Amazon or eBay. Amazon frequently offers discounts and deals which means this product can be purchased for an even better bargain. Potential buyers should frequently check the site for the latest savings.

As stated above, this product offers superior quality for its sub-$1000 price. Users love the low price as much as the features, and often express regret at previously buying more expensive models.

What is the Warranty on this chair ?

The chair comes with a warranty for defective parts. BestMassage offers a 30-day-money-back guarantee as long as the chair has not been damaged and is returned in its original packaging.

A user manual is included to ensure proper installation and use.Wholesalers sell this chair and sometimes offer independent warranties. Buyers should be sure to check all information before purchasing the chair online.

BestMassage EC-161 Shiatsu Massage Chair
BestMassage EC-161 Shiatsu Massage Chair
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Final Thoughts

This is an excellent quality chair and has earned the well-deserved distinction of appearing on many of 2020’s “best-of” lists.

It offers many features which are loved by users, especially the long and unique L-shaped roller track which provides a massage from the neck to thighs.

The zero gravity setting works perfectly to balance weight and open breathing. It also has heat to relax lower back and reduce hip stiffness. It comes at a fairly low, sub-$1000 price, but competes with much more expensive models in terms of user satisfaction.

Anyone who is looking for a massage chair to provide deep, relaxing massages in the comfort of their own home should consider this product. It offers the same benefits as a traditional shiatsu massage but uses technology to enhance the experience.

More specifically, individuals who seek a particularly firm massage will love this product, while people who seek a softer touch may want to look elsewhere.

This is an effective remedy for aches and pains, especially in some key areas like the hips, feet, lower back, and shoulders. Anyone who seeks a cost effective, versatile, pleasurable massage chair will love this Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair.